Thursday, December 10, 2009

Okay, I have decided since I never get to post...i'll just make really, really, long posts!
I LOVE Christmas time!! This is such an exciting year too. We have two new additions for Christmas , YAY! Of course it means that we have to have a whole wall just for stockings! I hope all my friends are having a wonderful Christmas Season. We are doing great. We are finally starting to even out a little bit more. Here are some updates:

Weyni- She is doing wonderful. She has quite the sense of humor and is so affectionate. God has truly blessed me with my girls. She loves old movies (YAY!). She always has a book in her hand studying and loves to listen to her Ethiopian music. She is starting to really understand how the family works. That doesn't mean she always likes it, but she definitely is trying. The siblings are even start to work out there own misunderstandings. (Which is HUGE!) She is doing really well at school. She loves her school. It is an international school for first year immigrants. They focus on English and America. For example today they are going on another field trip. They do this a lot. They may go bowling, to the botanical gardens, or to the symphony. She has also made a bestfriend from Somalia. This was a very big deal for her. She has really missed her friends. In January she will celebrate her 15th bday and being here a year. We are so excited. It has been a very eventful year, definitely one worth celebrating.

Peepers- She is doing wonderful. She has a new rat that she loves. She loves having a big sister. Of course she spends most of her time planning for the future. She has to because she plans on having a horse soon. I tell her that might be difficult considering our neighborhood doesn't allow them, but of course that's when she mentions the land she plans on buying. I would say 95% of her life revolves around horses! Kaicee also just has a huge heart for the things of God. I am always impressed at her maturity in this area. She is such a leader in whatever group she is in. She is exceling at school. She won first prize in our city's art show. She was awarded Citizen of the 6 weeks of 6th grade at her school. She got to open up the board meeting in prayer. What a way to start the school year. She serves as Chief Editor of Art in the school newspaper. .......and yes this is the same girl that trains her rats and wants me to buy her a ferret!

Pistol- He is doing really well. He is Catfish's favorite...but don't tell anyone! He is such a good big brother to both of his brothers. Carrot Top's teacher tells me all the time how lucky I am to have such a sweet big brother for my boys. He is so protective over his family! He is always looking for a way to tell someone about the Lord. He loves our new church and is trying to establish some good friends at school. It has been hard sometimes to be the new kid but he's doing great. Overall he loves school. He is really doing great in Spelling and is going to try out for the UIL Spelling Team. He just finished up fall ball where his Daddy got to coach. He loved it because he got to call Daddy, Coach! We seperated the boys room by a tall book shelf and it has changed Pistol's life. He loves it. Now he has a little area just his own. This has made for a much happier boy!

Carrot Top- WoW!! What can I say about my sweet Kaden. He is doing great! He is doing excellent in school. I was very nervous about sending him to school because he finds trouble!! I have been so surprised about how well he behaves at school. He is great as long as you keep him very busy. Lets just say if he's bored he is going to make sure he busies himself, even if its bad. He turned 6 2 weeks ago and lost his first tooth. It was a very sad day for me. He is still my baby boy!! He loves his little brother and is always ready to perform for him. He also loves being a big boy and helping around the house. I'm trying to relish every moment with him because I realize what a big growing year this is for kids. If he stops calling cinnamon rolls "rockin rolls" or starts saying thirty instead of "firty" I think I'll cry!

Catfish- Oh, my precious baby! He is my sweet baby! He is pretty rotten' though. He knows what he wants and knows exactly how to get it. Everyone fears the "little bully"! He got his first tooth in today. He is rolling all over the place. He has already tried to open about three presents! He has everyone of us wrapped around his chubby little fingers. (Except maybe Kaden...I think he knows how to play that game!) Healthwise he is doing really well. He may get his helmet off by Christmas!(YAY) His head is beautiful. If you would pray about this stubborn rash on his head that would be great. He has been on steroid creams and antibiotics because it got infected. He can't wear his helmet while its so bad. He is on the verge of saying "Momma" I just know it! I am so thankful for this precious baby even though he's quite high-maintenance :)

This year has been amazing. We have been in some really deep valleys and set on top of some really high mountains. God has shown me so much personally that I am in awe that he snuck those lessons in! I am so giddy about celebrating Christmas with my sweet family this year. I love having a big family....even when I can't find the laundry room to do the laundry!God is good!

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